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Data in the Cloud: a safe and reliable solutions at End User Software IT Consulting Private Limited

Learn about the innovative advantages of cloud computing services for your business with us. Many companies, whether small, medium or large, use some kind of computing system that requires a server, for example, to store and share files between workstations, development environment and application testing, specific applications for a department, collaboration systems among users, webmail systems, etc., and thus face a common problem: How to manage this infrastructure?

Manage one or more servers always cause headaches, as lean crew , many users complaining, power outages, equipment problems , do more with less , etc., and with this, you end up running out of time to focus on what is really important : the growth of its COMPANY.

Overall all companies look for ways to be more efficient, offering better IT services and eliminating anything that might compromise the productivity of your employees. But how can they achieve this? The answer may be: Cloud Computing.

Migrating to the cloud

Companies who choose to migrate their services to the cloud realize improvements in operational efficiency and increased productivity, not to mention that they can be more flexible and respond more agility changes in their business, such as the need for a CRM solution for the department sales, which in the traditional way would require the purchase or upgrade of a server, operating system installation and all application settings required, not to mention the constant updates, backup, etc.

Monitoring and deployment automation of Cloud

It is a service that offers significant benefits to users, among which stand out the possibility of significant cost savings, greater operational efficiency, flexibility in deployment and immediate access to information systems, applications and data.

Cloud-Deployment Business and service Interface

And of course, to have an intuitive interface, easy to understand, making enjoyable tool for sellers and promoting a better engagement of the sales team with the company’s goals.

Cost Analysis on Cloud

There are numerous other examples that can be easily migrated to the cloud, but the criterion should always be the same, that is, first consider the applications that offer less effort and provides a higher return. In short, note the “cost-benefit “of each service, verifying the importance, advantages and dependencies with other services.

Authentication and security of Cloud

The own Cloud is a secure, easy to use and seamlessly integrated with the tools your company uses on a day- to-day, such as text editors and spreadsheets. More importantly, the own Cloud provides security and privacy for sensitive company data, placing the control of information back in your hands.

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