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Enterprise Resource Planning

Efficient management of an organization is closely related to the introduction of new technologies and their best practices. It is for this purpose that the municipality of End User Software IT Consulting Private Limited is to implement the new support system to inform the management of the main activities developed in the scope of its powers and responsibilities to the Citizen.

This integrated information system commonly referred to as ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) integrates all data and processes of an organization into a single system, tend to serving all services and has as its ultimate goal the improvement of operational processes.

The ERP allows all considered necessary information is available anywhere and anytime. In fact , you can access immediately to critical financial information and trustworthy, know the stock levels of certain item in the set of municipal warehouses, make automatic orders for new materials, and other features that allow all the services share information resulting from integration of all areas of the organization.

Given the benefits that ERP’s become possible, the City will face this implementation as a business initiative and not technological. This means that the performance of organizational changes presents often required allowing the maximum benefit.

The Enterprise Resource Planning Solutions selected and that best meets organizational and functional needs of this municipality is the solution of the AIRC Company (General Association of the Central Region). This adjustment results from the previous existence of this draft some application modules in the area of financial income and recognized experience of implementing specific solutions authorities. Modules that the implemented solution disintegrates are respectively : SCA – Municipal Accounting System ; SCE – Contracts Control System ; GES – Inventory Management ; SGT – Treasury Management System ; SEF – System of Tax Enforcement ; SIC – Inventory System and Registry and others.

An implementation of AIRC Enterprise Resource Planning represents essentially total replacement of the central nervous system as well as the introduction of new functionalities. Given the scope of an implementation of this type, it is safe encountering problems during the implementation process, problems that in some situations will not have immediate solution. It is important therefore emphasize that implementations are not successful even though the implementations without problems. Therefore, the implementation of the ERP solution in the municipality of End User Software IT Consulting Private Limited has been the subject of a realistic approach, revealing occasional difficulties and requiring flexibility on the part of end users.

It should be noted that the evolution of business and customers increasingly demanding conditions cause major changes in current business models , which in turn will cause the continuous evolution of new and improved ERP applications. The most obvious areas of growth are linked to reporting and form of information: Internet, portals and Business Intelligence (BI). Note that the BI area is considered a priority and is already implemented in a second phase of this project.

Enterprise Resource Planning Services at End User Software IT Consulting Private Limited
  • Elimination of the use of manual interfaces;
  • Cost reduction to the Business;
  • Business Optimization of the decision making process;
  • Elimination of redundancy.

In an emerging Information Society and Knowledge, the structuring and functioning of public bodies is a marked change of phase. The use of new information and communication technologies in the context of organizational processes opens perspectives for advanced embodiments of usual activities, as well as the emergence of new activities and new business.

  • Evidence of commitment of the top management of the Municipality to the project;
  • Clear definition of information systems strategy for the financial sector in line with the strategy of municipal information systems;
  • Ability to manage change and motivation of team BMC;
  • Solid association Availability of skills of those involved in project team;
  • Availability and decision-making capacity of the project team.

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